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The FanSync Radio is a 4.5v Direct Current device. AC adapters will not work on the radio. Direct Current consumes less energy and therefore allows for a longer life of the AA batteries. Although not required for operation of the radio, a 4.5v, 300 milliamp Universal AC to DC Converter/Adapter that fits the FanSync Radio may be purchased from Radio Shack for about $20.
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Are you a FanSync fan?

If you’ve ever tried to watch a game on TV while also listening to your local play-by-play announcers, you’ve learned you can’t...the delay between the broadcasts is too frustrating so you’re forced to pick one. With the new FANSYNC radio you can adjust the radio broadcast by up to 16 seconds to match the TV broadcast. You’ll get the real-time action you want with the descriptive, knowledgeable and fun play-by-play calls of your favorite team.

How FanSync Radio works

Using SmartPhone Apps with FanSync Radio

Using Satellite Radio with FanSync Radio

FanSync Radio Product Info


  • Up to 16 Second Audio Delay to Allow for Radio Audio – TV Video Synchronization for More Enjoyable Game Viewing Experience
  • Audio Quality - Similar to Surround Sound System Audio Quality when Connected with Stereo Cable
  • Auxiliary Input – Allows for integration of FanSync's Audio Delay Technology with SmartPhones (see "How it Works" for more information).
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  • AM/FM/SW Digital Radio
  • Up to 16 Seconds of Audio Delay
  • 520 - 1710KHz AM / 87.5 - 108MHz FM / 2.3 – 22MHz SW
  • 20 AM Memory Presents / 20 FM Presets
  • Display Backlighting
  • Memory Scan
  • Auto Program
  • 24-Hour Clock with Day, Date and Time
    Sleep Timer Function (10 to 60 minutes)
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • 360 degree Telescoping FM Antenna
  • Internal AM Antenna with External Jack
  • Headphone Jack
  • Desk Kickstand
  • Reset Button
  • May Connect to Home Theater Systems
    (using either radio audio or external audio source)
  • Tuning Lock (prevents accidental frequency change)
  • Carrying Case
  • Stereo Cable

FanSync Radio Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can’t I receive the radio station I want and is there anything that can be done?
  2. Radio reception can vary from location to location. Signals are affected by terrain, distance to the station, interfering signals or other stations sharing the same frequency. Being in a metal building, being near dimmer lights, flourescent lights, computers and other electronic products might cause interference. You should move away from these sources of interference. If you are having a reception problem try aiming the radio in different directions if you are using the AM band and/or extending and rotating the telescoping antenna if using the FM bands and try moving to a different room within your house.
  3. How long does the TV delay the telecast?
  4. If you are unsure whether the TV delay for the sporting events you are watching is greater than 16 seconds (the difference in time between what you hear on a regular radio and what you are watching on TV) please view a game before ordering FanSync and time the difference. The delays will typically vary slightly from game to game but if the delay is under 16 seconds then in all likelihood it will remain so. Satellite TV delays are typically longer than cable or over-the-air TV broadcast delays. Sometimes the delays are greater than 16 seconds.
  5. What can be done if the TV delay is longer than 16 seconds?
  6. Each FanSync Radio is able to delay the audio up to16 seconds. Delays longer than 16 seconds are very rare but not unprecedented. In such a situation a second FanSync Radio can be connected to the first via the auxiliary port with a 3.5 male to male to the audio output port of the first FanSync Radio. The first radio will act as the receiver and it should be delayed the full 16 seconds. The second radio can then be delayed up to an additional 16 seconds to sync with the TV video. The stereo cable should be connected from the second radio to the surround sound system or other type external speaker (e.g. computer speakers) to enhance the quality of the audio.
  7. What can be done if the TV broadcast is before the radio?
  8. In very rare cases a Local AM/FM radio broadcast will run behind the TV. However, this is typical of Satellite radio broadcasts. In such cases you should time the radio delay and use a DVR to record and delay the telecast by that approximate time. The FanSync Radio can then be used to fine-tune the synchronization of audio to the telecast.
  9. The audio quality seems to diminish as I use the delay bar. What can be done to enhance the audio quality?
  10. Delayed audio does not have the same quality, fidelity or range of "live" audio. You can enhance the audio quality by using the ‘High Tone’ switch and by using the stereo cable to connect to a surround sound system or an external speaker system. The audio will be tremendously enhanced to near the same quality as you typically hear through your surround sound. When not listening to a sporting event, the audio delay feature should be turned off by sliding the delay bar all the way to the left.
  11. Why can’t I hear anything when I turn on my FanSync and the power LED indicator light is on?
  12. The typical reason for this is that the Auxiliary Switch is in the on position and must be turned off. If you notice "A.IN" in the LED Display, the radio will NOT TURN ON. Your radio is NOT BROKEN. The radio is indicating to you that the remote audio input feature has been selected. You can de-select it by pushing the AUX switch on the side of the radio upward. If the switch has been set to the lower position, the radio will be set to expect a signal from an external source such as a SmartPhone or a PC.
  13. Why can’t I change radio stations?
  14. There is a lock button on the front of the radio which locks in the station to prevent accidental tuning and other changes. If you see a ‘flashing key’ symbol in the LED Display, the lock switch is engaged and you will not be able to tune to other stations. To de-select the lock feature simply press the lock button on the front right side of the radio. The ‘flashing key’ symbol in the LED Display will disappear and you should be able to tune in other stations.
  1. Demo Introduction

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  2. Using the
    Audio Delay Slider

    Duration 2:03
  3. Syncing with
    Your TV

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  4. Connecting to
    External Sources

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